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Renowned scientists Christakis and Fowler present compelling evidence for our profound influence on one another's tastes, health, wealth, happiness, beliefs, even weight, as they explain how social networks form and how they operate.

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Convention Industry Council (CIC) Industry Glossary 2016
The CIC Industry 2016 edition Glossary (formerly APEX Industry glossary) has over 4,000 words defined. This is the most comprehensive reference for the terminology, jargon acronyms used throught the industry.
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Convention Industry Council Manual, 9th Edition

The CIC Manual is a valuable tool for industry professionals and is widely recognized as the most comprehensive resource available for managing the basic components of a successful meeting. This manual contains detailed information about how to effectively organize, plan, publicize, manage and budget for group events of any size. This step-by-step working guide also features an extensive collection of checklists, forms and an extensive glossary of industry terms.This updated manual contains new chapters on topics including technology, legal and risk management issues. The manual also now includes CMP Exam Study Points, such as terminology, CMP Exam Blueprint Study Modules and related topics.

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Convention Sales and Services

A text for students of the hotel-convention business. Coverage includes insight into analyzing hotel property to determine which segments of the market to approach, selling to the people who organize conventions in various types of organizations, handling negotiations and letters of agreement, and dealing with all the vital convention services.

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Freelancer's Guide to Corporate Event Design: From Technology Fundamentals to Scenic and Environmental Design
The Freelancer's Guide to Corporate Event Design is the only book that will get the reader up to speed on the ever-changing and growing industry of corporate production. Written by one of the industry's leading designers, this book uses a candid and straightforward style to illustrate the process of designing a successful event.

Learn the fundamentals of venue selection, rigging, lighting, audio, video, and scenic design with informative diagrams and detailed illustrations. This guide will show how to plan, design, and execute events of any size. Additionally, the designer will be armed with a strong knowledge of common mistakes, tips and tricks, and industry standards that will build and train a production team prepared for just about anything.
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Marketing Destinations and Venues for Conferences, Conventions and Business Events 2nd Edition
Marketing Destinations and Venues for Conferences, Conventions and Business Events covers key areas in marketing and promotion, such as:
* Trends and issues in destination and venue marketing
* Strategic marketing planning, ROI and strategy evaluation
* Destination and venue selling strategies
* Future challenges, opportunities and supply-side developments
MPI's influence and involvement with Economic Impact Studies for Canada, US, UK, and others across the world, as well as the Meeting Business and Events Standards are cited in this book.
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MPI CMP Healthcare (CMP-HC) Training Manual

The book features sections on business rationale; planning; risk management; implementation and audit; and key terminology.  Section quizzes help users evaluate their knowledge before taking the CMP-HC exam.
The exam includes 100 items, and is administered electronically at designated testing facilities.  It is open to meeting professionals who hold a valid CMP designation; have at least 36 months of experience in health-care meeting management; and have 15 clock hours of professional development in health-care meeting management, completed in the previous five years.

Obtaining the CMP-HC designation is a sign that planners understand key topics in health-care event management, including attendee tracking, data capture, and the reporting of medical meeting spending.

“This manual provides the information and tools to help professionals develop that knowledge,”
Paul Van Deventer
President and Chief Executive Officer of MPI.

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MPI's Planning Guide: A Source for Meetings and Conventions- slight shelfware

Discounted due to slight shelf wear and marred cover , but contents and CD are still in good condition.

One of MPI's Top 10 Best Sellers.
A comprehensive book Meeting and Conventions: A Planning Guide is one of the best resources in the industry.  It offers meeting planners a comprehensive, global guide/toolkit and reference for producing meetings internationally.  But it also has another critical, valuable use  and that is as a teaching tool  now being used in many colleges and universities!

Revised in 2006 to include an interactive CD with 33 MPI checklists and templates that planners to suit any meeting, convention or event. All these tools have been kept  and the CD has even been updated with the APEX templates as well as offering the 33 MPI tools.

For Planners: Find everything from identifying a client's meeting objectives to budgeting; from negotiating to contracting; from program development to evaluating and everything in between!

For Faculty: The book offers novice to intermediate comprehensive meeting planning skills, a self-test at the end of each chapter and a conference journal related to the topic discussed in the chapters. (A unique feature of the book for the learner, this is an account of a Meeting Professional as she plans a Conference and Tradeshow. A teaching moment - and reality check!)


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Net Smart

Like it or not, knowing how to make use of online tools without being overloaded with too much information is an essential ingredient to personal success in the twenty-first century. But how can we use digital media so that they make us empowered participants rather than passive receivers, grounded, well-rounded people rather than multitasking basket cases? In Net Smart, cyberculture expert Howard Rheingold shows us how to use social media intelligently, humanely, and, above all, mindfully.

Mindful use of digital media means thinking about what we are doing, cultivating an ongoing inner inquiry into how we want to spend our time. Rheingold outlines five fundamental digital literacies, online skills that will help us do this: attention, participation, collaboration, critical consumption of information (or "crap detection"), and network smarts. He explains how attention works, and how we can use our attention to focus on the tiny relevant portion of the incoming tsunami of information. He describes the quality of participation that empowers the best of the bloggers, netizens, tweeters, and other online community participants; he examines how successful online collaborative enterprises contribute new knowledge to the world in new ways; and he teaches us a lesson on networks and network building.

Rheingold points out that there is a bigger social issue at work in digital literacy, one that goes beyond personal empowerment. If we combine our individual efforts wisely, it could produce a more thoughtful society: countless small acts like publishing a Web page or sharing a link could add up to a public good that enriches everybody.
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Powerful Panels: A Step-­‐By-­‐Step Guide to Moderating Lively & Informative Panel Discussions at Meetings,  Conferences & Conventions

Drawn from her extensive experience as a nationally recognized speaker, master facilitator and panel moderator, WEC 2016 speaker Kristin Arnold provides a step-by-step approach to help you moderate a lively and informative panel discussion.

With this 24 page user-friendly guide, you will learn five steps to successfully moderate a panel discussion like a pro, including:

  • The moderator’s role and responsibilities
  • Various panel formats
  • How to clarify the starting conditions
  • How to select, invite and confirm interesting panelists
  • How to prepare to moderate the panel – including how to research the topic, the panelists and the audience, write the welcome, curate the questions you will ask, decide the audience Q&A format, determine the logistics, assemble the slideshow and promote the session.
  • How to moderate the panel, including things to do just before the session starts, how to open the session, get the conversation started, keep the conversation moving briskly, intervene firmly and respectfully.
  • How to facilitate the audience Q&A
  • How to conclude the session
  • How to follow up once the session is over!

Everything you need to know is in this step-by-step guide. By incorporating just a few of these best practices, you will dramatically improve your ability to moderate an amazingly successful panel discussion.


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