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Be On Your Best Teenage Behavior

Be On Your Best Teenage Behavior

Now that we have email and texting for everything, is a hand-written thank-you note necessary or even expected? Yes! In our fast-paced world, they matter even more today than in the past. We still judge others by their public behavior, appearance and first impressions. It is important to know what to wear to a college or job interview or to meet someone’s parents. In this easy-to-read book of teenage etiquette, learn tips for communicating, interviewing, dining, dressing appropriately, meeting people, dating and the importance of a positive attitude. Gain the confidence that you need to say “no” to bullying, cyber harassment and other bad behaviors. This book is a great read for both teenagers and parents.

Author: MPI Member and Speaker Colleen Rickenbacher

| $14.95

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