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    Posted by g at
    03:08PM 04/19/2017
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    Global Meetings Industry Day: Meetings benefit communities across the globe

    By Rich Luna Director of Publishing MPI Spain Meeting and event industry advocates came together on 6 April in communities around the world to celebrate the value of face-to-face meetings and the impact of the industry on global business and economies. Read More

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    05:00PM 04/17/2017
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    On alert

    by Elaine Pofeldt Contributing Writer In May 2016, Junior Achievement of Northern Alberta was a day away from holding a 1,000-person gala when the nonprofit’s meeting planner Anne Finzer (MPI Greater Edmonton Chapter) got some jaw-dropping news: She had to move the event. With a wildfire sweeping through Fort McMurray, Alberta, the Edmonton EXPO Centre, where the gala was supposed to be held, had to be transformed into an evacuation center. Read More

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    Posted by n Deventer at
    01:54PM 04/13/2017
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    Social Connections and Leadership

    By Paul Van Deventer  I recently read an article about how leaders must be savvy at mining social connections to be successful. It referenced research from highly reputable sources, including Gallup and Harvard Business Review, building the case that “if you cannot connect with and influence others, you cannot truly lead.” This got me thinking about the power of networking within our community. Read More

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    Posted by g at
    07:00PM 04/10/2017
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    How to thrive in the expression economy

    By Rowland Stiteler Editor When Ron Tite, a Toronto-based branding and creativity expert, is giving his popular speeches on how to deal with the formidable challenges of what he has labeled “the expression economy,” he sometimes says the big hurdle these days for everyone who is a purveyor of event content is how to compete with the burgeoning, highly seductive and entertaining tidal wave of “the stuff in the thing. Read More

  • professional development
    Posted by g at
    05:00PM 04/10/2017
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    The right way

    by Jason Hensel Contributing Writer Everyone is a watchdog or whistleblower these days thanks to pervasive social media and deep searches on the internet. Companies can no longer hide their worst traits and habits—and this is a good thing. The more ethical big businesses are, the better off the world will be. At least that’s the theory. Whether it’s true or not is for time to judge. Read More